Search Advertising
-A Direct Line To Buyers

Almost everyone searches Google for information on products and services. They also use Google when they are ready to Buy!

Unlike other forms of online marketing like social media, Google search (PPC) gives you a direct line to buyers who are ready to take action!

So there is no better place for your product and service than the first page of Google search engine results.

Google search can be expensive for the uninitiated. You can quickly blow your whole budget with the wrong people looking at your ad.

The problem with Google Search

Google search is competitive. The PPC (Pay-per-click) platform has been around for a while. It is extremely effective, so naturally advertisers flock to it. You are in competition –  bidding against other advertisers for the audience, and you pay whenever somebody clicks your ad.

Problems start when business owners try to save money by setting up their own campaigns. This almost always ends in disaster – Google search can quickly chew up even the largest budget and bring no results - simply because the wrong people are clicking your ad.

We've identified the seven major mistakes people make in search advertising and compiled them into a report we can send to you, free of charge, to help you get started with Google search.

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The benefit of an agency running your Google Search campaigns

A professional Google Ads agency can be extremely effective, depending on your reason for advertising. If you are doing it to gain experience, with a view to running your own advertising, then perhaps you should consider working for an agency, doing extensive training and learning from professionals who have made all the mistakes themselves. It will be much cheaper than making mistakes with your own money.

On the other hand, if you're advertising to bring new customers or clients into your business, an agency will save you serious money - and bring new business into your door much faster.

A good agency will be certified by Google and will sit down with you and profile your ideal customer in detail and then laser target them, so:

  • You don't waste money bringing the wrong people to your website
  • Your ads are worded to appeal to buyers who are ready to act.
  • Your ads only appear in the geographical area your customers reside in.
  • You know exactly how much you will spend every day.
  • You get the best possible Return on Investment from your ads.

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For many competitive search terms, the main screen display is now completely taken by paid search ads. Even a No1 organic listing through SEO will not show 'above the fold' for these searches. For your website to be visible, you have to use paid search advertising.



7 Budget Blowing Mistakes

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