Google Remarketing

This powerful strategy gives you really strong Return on Investment.

This is a strategy you have probably noticed- and you may have wondered how they were doing it. If you've visited Amazon or an online store and checked out a product, you seem to see ads for that product everywhere you go.

That is because they are "Remarketing" to you. Once Remarketing is set up, Google builds lists of visitors who come to the pages of a website. (No personally-identifiable information is collected).

Remarketing ads are then shown to these site visitors, through Google's Display Network. Remarketing can be broadly-based (all visitors), or highly targeted, such as to visitors who have viewed a particular product but not completed a purchase.

Looking For The Best ROI ?

Remarketing is much more cost effective than normal advertising, because you are marketing to people who you know are interested in your product or service.

Remarketed audiences usually have a high response rate and provide a great ROI for your marketing dollar.

Remarketing is an advanced strategy

To begin a campaign with Remarketing you must first build an audience of visitors to the pages of your website. (Building the list can be accelerated through Search or Display advertising.) Once the list has built, the Remarketing campaign can begin.

Remarketing is strategy that takes some expertise to set up properly. Code has to be applied to the pages on your website and a Display advertising campaign must be set up specifically to target the Remarketing audience(s).

But once your Remarketing is set up and running, you'll wonder how you ever managed without it!

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