"Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted.  I just wish I knew which half!"
John Wannamaker -American department store pioneer

With Google Ads, advertising is no longer a “hit or miss” approach. Everything can be tracked precisely, including your conversions, so you know exactly who is responding to your ads and which message they are responding to, maximising the ROI on your advertising spend.

Imagine being able to track a customer from the keywords they enter, right to the phone call they make or the web form they fill out to inquire. We now have the technology to do just that and this ensures:

  • We know the keywords serious buyers are entering in Google to search.
  • We know the message serious buyers are responding to in ads
  • We know the content which is converting them to buy.

This takes most of the guesswork out of your advertising and ensures you are targeting the right potential buyers -the ones who have proven they will buy.

The missing piece of the puzzle

A lot of advertisers don't track Conversions properly. Even many agencies put too much emphasis on a shotgun approach – continuing to buy new advertising without paying enough attention to conversions.

Tracking conversions takes skill and experience, but it is money well spent. It will increase your return on investment tenfold.

NetSmart can set up your campaigns so that conversions can be tracked. We report the data back to you and we use the data to direct your campaign spend to where it will be most effective.

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